måndag 23 juli 2012

1. Nabokov om Freud:

It might be rewarding to go into the phylogenetic aspects of the passion male children have for things on wheels, particulary railway trains. Of course, we know what the Viennese Quack thought of the matter. We will leave him and his fellow travelers to jog on, in their third-class carriage of thought, through the police state of sexual myth.

2. Nabokov om Gogol:

As in the scaling of insects the wonderful color effect may be due not to the pigment of the scales but to their position and refractive power, so Gogol's genius deals not in the intrinsic qualities of computable chemical matter (the 'real life' of literay critics) but in the mimetic capacities of the physical phenomena produced by the almost intangible particles of re-created life.

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